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The name is Riho. I'm a relatively good girl (: I'm Single but Not Available cause I'm curently in love with :
ARASHI ; Ohno Satoshi.
She loves to sing and dance and just.. hang out with friends (: I'm having fun being a 15 but L.O.V.E presents on 30thMARCH :D
3E1-ian in BWSS and always proud to be in choir!

my heart has been captured
by your funny little smile

i don't know for sure
where this is going

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don't promise me forever
just love me day by day

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(Friday, August 13, 2010 / 3:53 PM)

No . More . Exams . :D ... For . Now . LOLS .

Yeah man, just over-ed exams ! :D Done some badly though D;

English was .. well .. th passage was uber retarded with asking people to like spices cause they are good for health . Wth ? (: Lit was uber wth ? I guess ? Haha . 2 questions and 45mins for lit is SUPER NOT ENOUGH . I dont think I can get an A . NEVER . Argh ! Social studies .. luckily it was Sri Lanka I tell you ! 1 northern ireland and I would have failed the test . But hope I passed though :/ Physics - just totally flunked . NO CONFIDENCE OF GETTING AN A AT ALL . Hope for a .. B4 probably ? .. and thats baddd . And today was chem and maths . Chem was hmm .. still okayyy . Except for th last qn which I got stucked . Oh well , aiming for an A1 ^^ Maths . Argh . I dont think I did it too well . It was more of .. BAD . Haiz ttm la . Argh .

ANYWAY . 13th ; Friday . Its bad right ? Haha . And it raineddd . Shows more bad-ness . Oh well . And i dont feel like saying anything more so I will just go and play ! Like right now ! :D

(Sunday, August 1, 2010 / 7:28 PM)

Alright, its august!

It doesn't mean anything though .. LOLS ! Okay, I just got bored so just posted. Nothing happen at all. Haha (: So I would like to put oh-chan's new solo in their latest album which is yet to be out ! xD

Its uber nice uh ! Love it ttm ! :D

(Saturday, July 31, 2010 / 9:24 PM)

It seems to be a longg time since I posted.. Opps! :x

Lately, having tests and early-common tests which is stressing me up D; Lets see, oh 1 major thing did happened.

I started putting braces. And thats bad alright! Lols (: and the thing is , they only put on my upper jaw and haven't started putting on my lower jaw which is super WEIRD. Argh.

And 22nd of July was Racial Harmony Day a.k.a camwhore day. Seriously the whole school was taking pictures with everyone! Haha (: It was fun though (: This year, since we are in mdm padma's class, almost everyone of us was wearing indian costumes (: Girls mainly wore sari, which includes me! Lols (: Pictures are uploaded on facebook, dont feel like uploading here xP troublesome (:

Oh and choir is performing for National Day Celebration at school and they are so last minute de lo o.o Haha, well I guess its okay (: Both are my favourite songs! Home and Where I Belong :D Idk why but I loveeee National Day Songs. I really dont know why. LOLS (:

Today was .. a stupid day I shall say. Delon wanted to go repair his phone so I accompanied him to Bishan. But before that, we were suppose to meet at the shell staion nearby my house. Then since I reached early, I went in to the 7-11. I mean who will stand outside when its so hot ?! Then he asked me where was I and I told him at the shell station. Then he also said he was at the shell staion but I couldnt see him inside the 7-11 so I told him im inside the 7-11 then he was like ... tabulek tahan . LOLS ! I mean isnt it obvious that I will be inside ? Okay, maybe not to him. Zzz .
Anyw, since we both had tuition at 430 so went there then just place the phone for repair and tada. Haha, uber stupid right (:

Common tests is .. NEXT WEEK = MORE HW. And this MORE HW is seriously a lot .. Okay, maybe not, but I have almost every subject! A maths, E maths, Chem, Physics, Social Studies, Geog. Yeah. Isnt that a lot ? o.o But I still will watch Matsujun's drama :D Its niceeeeeeee . I'll recommend even if its not oh-chan (: Cant wait for the next episode! ^^

Okays, time to study. (Argh, I hate it.) So i guess I will end off hereeeee (:

im just happy to be with you and just sit beside you, listening to all your craps so I hope our friendship will just remain alright ? (; love you uh (:

(Tuesday, July 20, 2010 / 5:44 PM)

Oh yes Im back. LOLS (:
Im feeling much much better than friday (:

On saturday, had my new english tuition with the usual peeps, yy kenneh and zh (: I was like damn shocked when I saw our teacher is a UK-ian ! For once I thought maybe my english can impove xD Hahax . ANDD I went to a concert at NUS with the choir ! (: Well, mostly sec3s only though.. Nvm (:

On sunday, had maths tuition as usual. After that chiong-ed to tampines to watch : Nodame Cantabile :} Thats like one of the best dramas I have ever watched so yup, it was sad that the whole thing ended D: Oh well . In the end I reached home at 10+ and slept at 1 cause I couldnt do finish my hw on time -.-

On monday, which was yesterday. Was suppose to have a netball inter class competition with the e2s butden the match started from 5 and I had tuition so yeah D: Sorry couldnt help you guys . But i heard they won ! Congrats (:

It was also the day that matsujun's new drama starts! 'clap clap' !! Its not that I like him or anything, but the song is sang by Arashi
( Its called Love Rainbow btw ) Anyw, I had to wait for 60mins just to have the song cause everyone was like downloading. Lols . So no choice, decided to download it the next morning (:

Today, it was a .. how cha say , funny day. Morning, downloaded Love Rainbow so I was super high in school ~ ! Today was also the O levels chi listening compre so we end class at 1230 (: Sooo, I decided to go home and REVISE physics for tml's test and well , just study. BUTTT , suddenly this rachel lim told me she was going to watch movie with clarissa they all and I was like " ... HUH ? WHEN ? WHER ? WATCH WHAT ? " Lols.
So went to amk hub to watch : Despicable Me . It was uber hilarious :D had some morals and this kind of thing though (: the yellow .. howcha say .. thingy was cute when they talked ! Super funny. Well, since I said I was going to REVISE, I shall stop here and go study (;

This are the pics tooken on saturday (: there's more on fb (:

(Friday, July 16, 2010 / 9:11 PM)

Bored. Why ? Cause i've been slacking and not studying :/

Lols. I went to the dentist just now and they put some rubber in my mouth -.- 6 small blue rubbers . Argh, its pain okay -.- Cant even have fun eating D:

Okay I know this is random but I felt like typing it out (:

「To Be Free」は夢へ向かって頑張ってる人達へのメッセージソング。私にはぴったりだと思う。でも、時々違う風に感じる時もある。私は本当に歌手を目指すべきか、それともここへ残って平凡に暮すか。最大の悩みだな(笑)でも、他に考える事が山ほどある。唯一引っかかるのは、アイツの事。考えたくないのに、頭が自然に考えてしまう。そう、アイツを好きになったのが今現在一番嫌い事。好きじゃなかったら、こんなに悩まないかもしれない。でも、それを保障するのもないから何も言えないけど... 



ほんと、漫画みたいな恋がしたい。あんなにお互いの事を思いやってる気持ちは現実にもあると思う!ただ今一番気になるのは... やっぱり未来かな。

Phew, felt better. Haha, this can be a form of relieving stress! Though it doesnt help solve the problem though. Lols.

Im HUNGRY = Battery Dead = Bye bye xP

(Saturday, July 10, 2010 / 9:49 PM)

I shall POST TODAY!!
You know the reason? Refer to my latest post which is like.. 22ndMay . LOLS .

So i bought it. Yay. Hahax. Getting used to it now :D hmm.. but dono what to say o.o cant post pics cause .. the photos are with my mom's cam and i veh lazy to connect here transfer there. So yup (:

School has start again ! Kinda happy :D Kinda sad D:
But its okayyy (:


Not as agressive as Monster but it's still nice (: how shall I say .. Its refreshing! :D the chorus is kinda ear-catching yeah !

Okay, I shall stop and do other things :D

(Saturday, May 22, 2010 / 1:43 PM)

Hahax , dont feel like blogging xP
Maybe shall restart when I buy my laptop (:

Nowadays, veh bored. Hahax, exams over so yup (:
Anyw, the monster mv is super uber nice :DD
Its like .. oh god (: so nice (:

Haha, kay la dont say bout this. veh boring right, hahax . hmm ..
I want go watch video xD

So hope everyone gets good result for the overall mark (: hahax.
So far I only got 3A lo D: